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Tree Surveying & Consultancy Tiverton

We conduct tree surveys throughout Devon, to acquire the information we need about trees and their parcel of land, the species, number and age. Our surveys are available for both private and public landscapes. This process helps us determine whether trees should be retained or removed. We work hard to protect trees and only remove the ones which pose a health and safety risk. All surveys must be completed by a fully trained and qualified arboriculturist. Luckily for you, we are here. So, contact us today to discuss your requirements and we will offer you a no-obligation quotation.

Tree Preservation Orders

Tree preservation orders are orders made by local authorities to protect trees and the conservation areas that surround them. TPOs protect either specific individual trees or a group of them (in woodlands for example), in the interest of amenity. If you wish to disturb a tree, you must have written consent from your local planning authority. Planning permission authorities have a duty to make sure that the conditions are used to provide tree preservation or planting.

To find out more about TPOs, please contact us.

Tree Surveyors

When we carry out a tree survey, we go in with a thorough approach. All trees will be tagged with special tags and numbers, which we will cross-reference on a summary table. 

During the survey, the following information will be acquired:

Other reports we can carry out include mortgage tree reports and BS5837 building reports.

Ecological Surveys

We work closely with ecological consultancies to carry out surveys, mitigating factors for different species of flora and fauna. Our surveys include:

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